Writing about this story and I’m a bit scared about whose toes I might step on. But here goes anyway!

Recently an Australian cartoonist by the name of Mark Knight has come under fire for his caricature depiction of Serena Williams. The cartoon was a reaction to the events that took place at the US Open where the tennis legend lost her temper. Knight had such a bad reaction online that he had to delete his Twitter account because of the abuse he was getting.

So did he go to far?
On the whole it is a funny cartoon with the dummy on the floor for example. However, he accentuated certain features which some people are saying are playing on stereotypes and are perhaps racist. Are people who think this is racist going too far? I don’t know. Maybe it is a little insensitive and perhaps he should have been more careful not to offend. You know there’s also the issue of why she lost her temper and was sticking up for herself and women’s rights surrounding the sport of tennis. Maybe that should have been addressed in the cartoon instead of mocking her.

I’m rambling… as I don’t have a definitive opinion.
Looking around you can see that one article says one thing and another will say something opposite. I don’t think that it is racist but I do see some people’s point. For me, my gut reaction on seeing the cartoon was that it wasn’t particularly fair on Williams. She felt persecuted during the match and for me that shouldn’t have been mocked.


September 13, 2018