“If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that the public opinions should be violently ignored.”

“When I was graduating I did illustrations to some of my favorite books at the time, among them titles like Locus Solus by Raymond Roussel and At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O’Brien–weird smarty-pants novels that no one in my class had read. My teacher told me I’d never get hired to do that, and that in order to be successful in illustration you have to know what’s popular and work with that.”

“I continued nonetheless and a couple of years later got to draw
covers for Penguin’s centennial editions of James Joyce–I didn’t have anything relevant to Dubliners or a portrait in my portfolio, but I had my love and dedication prominently displayed. The covers were very well received, but I don’t see it as some kind of righteous
revenge, it’s as meaningless as the criticism I’d received earlier.”

“So, in short, my message is rather banal: do what you love. It’s harder than it sounds.”

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March 29, 2017