“If there’s one thing I’ve learned about working in the illustration industry, is that you need to have fun and you need to work hard. I’ve been doing illustration and graphic design for the past 4-5 years now, and it’s only been a couple of years since I’ve actually really enjoyed it. That’s because I used to struggle finding a style I was happy with. I kept referring to other illustrators and thinking I wasn’t good or talented enough, when actually I was just lacking a bit of experience.”

“I had to make myself very busy, trying to create a style that would suit my personality and making my work better everyday.”

“And through that, I managed to create a style that I was proud of :) But don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning – a lot – and that’s a good thing, because it means I’m still improving!”

More from Marylou can be found here on her website, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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March 1, 2017