“What I’ve learned is that there are few truths in a world built on opinion and taste. At times, that makes the path ahead seem very foggy. But there is one giant, unmissable certainty – nobody has your story.”

“We each have this glistening, fertile monster of a path through life and it’s about understanding you.”

“Once you embrace all those weird things you only talk about with your friends, you can start to mould it into a tangible creative form. I spent a couple of years chasing shadows, producing what I felt would be expected of me by art-directors and editors. Only when I presented the things that mattered to me, could only have come from me, did the very people I had spent too long pandering to start to take notice. All of a sudden, they had some illustration work that said ‘this is a Ben Tallon.'”

“We work in a world where we’re exposed to infinite amounts of stunning work and it is easy to become overwhelmed, but when you truly understand that each person is unique, it all falls away and becomes irrelevant. Every day I embrace the fact there are thousands of more technically gifted people than myself because it means the arts are in good health. But I feel good because I’ve spent nine years getting to the core of who I am. I’m still uncertain, but I’ve made enough sense of it in the work I produce to have established myself in the world of illustration and it’s exciting to know that the most valuable currency in my work is individuality.”

More from Ben can be found at bentallon.com. For further investigation check out his book and podcast on Soundcloud


February 17, 2018