“If there’s one thing I’ve learned is the importance of having a side-hustle.”

“I have been a designer for 12 years professionally and about 8 years in I decided to pursue some of my illustration skills out side of my normal 9-5. What started off as a bit of fun has over the years turned into a cool side-hustle which has lead me to places I didn’t think I would go.”

“I began posting on Instagram and then started doing prints, selling on Etsy and taking part in makers markets. It’s through these places that I made connections and ended up selling framed prints in an interior design shop in Plymouth! Was a dream come true. I’ve also had various illustrative commissions, for charities, children’s books and also magazines.”

“Simply, I put myself out there creatively and something cool happened.”

“I’m not saying that you should quit your day job. I have no intention of leaving the studio I work for. In fact, it has even bettered my career and offer within the team and lead me to do some great illustrative work with them that I don’t think would have been possible had I not taken up this venture in my spare time. It’s ideal for me at the moment… I sit on both sides of the fence and grass is always green!”

“If you’re reading this and you’ve always wanted to try something in your spare time, even if it’s not creative, do it! Life’s too short and you never know where it will lead or how it will enrich your life!”

More from Peter can be found at peterclayton.net, on Instagram and on Twitter.


June 2, 2018