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Sonic Youth Goo Album Parodies

Love this album! One of my absolute favourites. Why so many parodies exist of the album artwork I have no idea, but I love it! 'Goo' by Sonic Youth was released way back in 1990...

The Get It Girl Collective

The Get It Girl Collective are a band of 3 illustrators and 1 producer aiming to create "personal work that spotlights the female experience". Audrey Lee, Amelia Giller, Xoana Herrera and Kaitlyn Mahoney might be familiar names...

Illustrated World Cup Beer Mats

A bit late with this one but hey! This series was commissioned by Gordon Reid and Callum Stephenson to raise money for their favourite charity, Football Beyond Borders. The pair invited 20 great illustrators and creatives alike to...

The World Illustration Awards

Oh what a great feeling it must be to be a world illustration award winner! Not jealous, but to be awarded and recognised for doing something you love must be a dream come true! Read...

Names for @ From Around the World

From the people that brought you the Illustrated International Idiom series comes another brilliant set of illustrations. This time Viking Direct have focused on the different names for the 'at sign' from around the world. A spokesperson...

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