campari by franz marangolo

Mailchimp Re-brand

Always lovely when a brand adopts and illustrative approach. These quirky illustrations give a creative playfulness to the marketing platform and exemplifies the company's creative and expressive nature. Illustrators involved (amongst others) include Franz Lang,...
carpenter collective sonic

Sonic Seasonal Packaging

Tad Carpenter's brings to life a joyful feeling of summer. The creative was applied to various packaging applications, including cups, 2 to-go bags, employee uniforms as well as various digital assets. More about the project here.
rami niemi bread packaging 1

Bread packaging by Rami Niemi

Pleased to have an article featuring Rami Niemi on here after I interviewed him a little while ago. This lovely piece of packaging was collaborated on with More from Rami can be found here.

Wine Labels by Jean Jullien for Majestic Wine

As a designer who's created his fair share of packaging it's quite refreshing to see a set of labels with no messaging on it, instead only featuring illustrations summing up the feel of the...
yomo banking app icons

Yomo Banking App Icons

My hat is of to Guillaume Kashima who has illustrated a perfect set of icon's for banking app, Yomo. They're executed beautifully, and function well as a set of icons and really give Yomo a friendly...
campari by franz marangolo

The Art of Campari

A 2018 exhibition (been and gone) in Milan celebrated the creativity of the drinks brands advertising over the years, from the roaring 20's to the swinging 60's. According to an article on Creative Boom, Campari, aimed to...

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