Harassment Wood

By Theo Moudakis.

If Apps Were Superheroes

Love this series from Plusnet mobile! To celebrate World Social Media Day, Plusnet Mobile teamed up with British Comic Illustrator Jack Teagle to create App Force – a team of 5 crime fighting superheroes...

Cartoon from Hannah Hillam

See more from Hannah on her Instagram feed.

Comic Series On The Guardian

Here are a series of funny comics about random stuff by cartoonist Stephen Collins for The Guardian. What an awesome gig! Read more of them here.

Incidental Comics by Grant Snider

Incidental Comics are a series of, well, comics by illustrator, Grant Snider. Starting in 2009, each comic follows a different story and can be based around anything from a simple idea, to a word or even an object. For...

Roman Muradov’s Yoga Moves Poster

From illustrator Roman Muradov comes a free (yes free) yoga poster featuring various moves and positions. The piece is as informative as it is a delight to look at, as it features the Muradov illustrative...

How Cartoonists Reacted to Trump’s Election Win

A week on from the inauguration I thought I would recap on an article from www.indy100.com. The piece showcases how 14 cartoonists from around the world reacted to Trump's victory in November 2016.

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