Coffee Break

A series of shorts featuring Jean Jullien and Rodney Mullen discussing skateboarding and art. The series is called Coffeee Break and is in collaboration with Juxtapoz Mag to promote a series of skateboard decks...

Like Knows Like Short: Victo Ngai

Via Like Knows Like comes a little documentary short featuring the wonderful Victo Ngai who works freelance from NYC predominantly as an editorial illustrator. In the short she talks about why she got into illustration and what charms...

A First Aid Kit for Sorrow from Stina Löfgren

A lovely and sensitive series of animated illustrations, a first aid kit for those experiencing sorrow. Commissioned by The Church of Sweden, the mission of the series is that no person should be alone...

30 Ideas Of What To Draw When You Don’t Know What to Draw

Came across this little vlog gem the other day by illustrator and vlogger, Fran Meneses aka Frannerd. Being an illustrator myself I often have the bug to draw (obvs). I do however struggle with what to...

Coke Habit by Dress Code (Drinking Coke)

A beautifully animated short by film and animation company, Dress Code, retelling one man's recount of his coke addiction in 10th grade. Art by this guy. [vimeo 217841404 w=640 h=337] Coke Habit from Dress Code on Vimeo.

Bloody Diary by Min Liu

Bloody Diary is/was a daily animation project by animator and illustrator Min Liu. The project was set over 100 days with a new animation posted everyday. Each animation is created in the same black/red/white...

The Power of Sketchnotes Video

A got-me-thinking video from the chaps over at Scriberia. [youtube]

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