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Peter is a long time illustration enthusiast and blogger, so the project started naturally a few years ago as away of scrap-booking illustration news and inspiration.
arina- shabanova illustration

Neihang Open Space Illustration

A wonderful piece by Russian artist Arina Shabanova. The piece was commissioned by Ori Studio and can be seen at Neihang in Shanghai. Arina Shabanova illustrated the work but the mural itself was carefully recreated on...
haleigh mun interview

Haleigh Mun

"If there's one thing I've learned, you can draw better when you are being you!" "I am not a perfectionist but I pretended that I was whenever I was drawing or painting. I had to...
rami niemi bread packaging 1

Bread packaging by Rami Niemi

Pleased to have an article featuring Rami Niemi on here after I interviewed him a little while ago. This lovely piece of packaging was collaborated on with bielkeyang.com. More from Rami can be found here.
carpenter collective sonic

Sonic Seasonal Packaging

Tad Carpenter's brings to life a joyful feeling of summer. The creative was applied to various packaging applications, including cups, 2 to-go bags, employee uniforms as well as various digital assets. More about the project here.
sara mulvanny patterns

Patterns By Sara Mulvanny

A few self-initiated patterns by freelance illustrator, Sara Mulvanny. See her full portfolio at www.saramulvanny.com.  
gary andrews daily doodle

A Doodle A Day Helped A Man Survive First Year Without Wife

Gary Andrews, an illustrator and animator lost his wife, with whom he had been together with for 19 years, suddenly to sepsis. To cope with his loss he took to pen and paper and...
jean jullien editorial illustration for the new york times

Editorial Spots by Jean Jullien

A series of spot illustrations about newspapers for the New York Times. The full series of 30 can be found here.
jenice kim korean proverbs body

Jenice Kim

"If there's one thing I've learned, it is to always be looking around the world and be open to new things. You never know what adventures and doors will open for you." "Work and life...
uninvisible friend

Uninvisible Friend

Recently I had the absolute pleasure to work on a series of illustrations for a multi-channel campaign to raise awareness about Retinoblastoma for the charity CHECT. It was my job to create the pretty pictures and bring to...
campari by franz marangolo

The Art of Campari

A 2018 exhibition (been and gone) in Milan celebrated the creativity of the drinks brands advertising over the years, from the roaring 20's to the swinging 60's. According to an article on Creative Boom, Campari, aimed to...

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